2. Overview of required work

The LDAPHttp Framework is comprised of Java classes in two library packages and a set of Java servlets delivered in a web application archive. Existing classes will be modified, new classes will be added, and the structure of the deliverables may be altered in the course of this effort.

Development activities will be in accordance with this plan. Additionally, the new system's final design will be reflected in an updated System Design Description document, and changes will be listed in documentation that accompanies each distribution download. A new Application Development Guide document will also be drafted in the course of this project, which will explain how to deploy the LDAPHttp Framework and build applications upon it.

In addition to the software and final documentation, the project will also deliver development artifacts and online examples at the discretion of Mentata Systems. All online examples will use the most recent software release. Many examples will be aimed at increasing interaction and supporting cooperative development.

The project should reach implementation within two years, with release of a final production v1.0 targeted at late 2005. The final release will incorporate license and distribution changes to make the LDAPHttp core available under the Free Software Foundation's Lesser General Public License (LGPL) while keeping the gateway application under the original General Public License (GPL).

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