Congress Example

Directory servers can host more than just people and groups of people. You can extend the directory schema to define your own attributes and object classes, although it may be best to start with information that's tightly associated with the identities in your directory. This example makes use of a custom database containing members of U.S. Congress and some of the votes they have cast.

Find Congressmen

Find Votes

You don't have to stop with retrieving, creating, deleting, or updating data. LDAPHttp can be extended to perform a variety of functions on directory data by writing new servlets. Using one such servlet, you can compare your own opinions with those of your congressmen by voting on the issues yourself.

Vote with the Senate

Vote with the House

This little application is designed to be reusable. The same voyosef servlet could be implemented to compare votes amongst any group of people on whatever subject.

Vote with my City Council

Vote with my Family

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