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Before reading more, you may first want to ask: "Why?"

The Mentata LDAPHttp Framework fuses the capabilities of web and directory servers in a manner that can be extended to create web applications and services. It is the product of a formal software development process, including discrete analysis and design phases. A design document is available here as web content. The document starts at a high level and progresses to details. If you're completely unfamiliar with LDAPHttp, it's the best place to start.

Design Description

LDAPHttp comprises a set of Java classes and JavaServer pages developed and released by Mentata Systems as an open source product. It includes basic classes for building component directory clients, a customizable web directory gateway, and templates for some LDAP standard schema elements. Detailed documentation for this software is generated from structured comments in the source code.

API Documentation

All software released by Mentata Systems is and will be free and open source. You can download current releases of LDAPHttp software, example applications, and a live demonstrations that should run in most any container on the internet. The delivered archives come with a build environment that generates deployable applications, code archives, and documentation.

Downloads hosts example applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the LDAPHttp Framework. The source code, API documentation, database, and schema definitions are all provided. New examples will be added as they are developed.


Cooperative involvement in the LDAPHttp project is always welcomed and encouraged, but is currently limited to feedback. Mentata Systems plans to release the code as a formal open source project at an appropriate point in the future, with a final production version sometime later. Like the source, the strategy is explicitly shared.

Development Plan

Thanks for your interest in LDAPHttp.

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